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Who We Are

Our purpose

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Who we are

Purpose is the intersection between what the world needs, what we are passionate about and what we are extraordinary at.

Our focus at Sparq is to draw a positive emotive response from our clients, their delegates and the Sparq team on-site when creating and delivering an experience. Whether that emotion is one of pride, recognition, joy, or intrigue, it must always be in awe.

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Who we are

Our purpose your needs

We never start a single project without first of all understanding your goal. Our sole purpose is to understand your why. You tell us the destination, then together, we will plan the journey.

  • The fact that what we do has the ability to move people in such a way that they are inspired to go into the world and act on what they see, hear and feel is what drives us every day.
    Elliott Moores
    Joint Managing Director
  • Our long history of bringing the industries most creative, passionate and technically gifted people together is at the core of what makes Sparq the amazing team and business that we are.
    Colin Nixey
    Chairman & Joint Managing Director
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Trust us, you will remember the day you met Sparq, so get in touch.

Our team are poised and waiting in anticipation to work with you on defining your why and creating memories for your team.