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Who We Are

Our personality

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Who we are


We are a positive force of influence as we create better experiences for everyone we meet.

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Who we are


We stand out, we are unapologetically Sparq and we want everyone to see how uniquely brilliant we are.

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who we are


We address challenges head-on and find ways and means to resolve them.

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who we are


We dream, imagine and think outside of the box. It’s boring to be the same as everyone else.

  • Our long history of bringing the industries most creative, passionate and technically gifted people together is at the core of what makes Sparq the amazing team and business that we are.
    Colin Nixey
    Chairman & Joint Managing Director
  • Having been in the events industry for over 35 years, I can honestly say that the team, the togetherness and the "do whatever it takes" mentality we have here at Sparq are what makes us extraordinary.
    Helen Elam
    Operations Director
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Trust us, you will remember the day you met Sparq, so get in touch.

Our team are poised and waiting in anticipation to work with you on defining your why and creating memories for your team.