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Hybrid Events

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Hybrid events

Extend your reach without limitation

Hybrid events combine in-person, on-demand and remote elements to bring a completely connected, flexible and exciting event experience, relinquishing the loss of engagement and creating a sense of togetherness no matter where you are in the world.

So whether your remote attendees want to engage in person, in 2D or even in the metaverse – we have a solution for you.

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Hybrid events

A physical place to share, curate and discover. A virtual place that tells a story

Seamlessly blend presentations, polls, Q&As, live chat and even on demand content and suddenly your hybrid event becomes a two-way conversation. This allows you to run the event as usual, but with a potentially smaller audience onsite and other delegates tuning in virtually. Technologies are put in place to join the two different audience types facilitating engagement whether you’re there in person or joining remotely.


Using technology as your chosen communication channel doesn't need to be boring. Let's elevate your virtual event with innovative engagement tools like voting and polling. 


Virtual settings allow for a richer experience. You have full control over your setting may it be a static, fully branded background or an interactive 3D-rendered space.

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