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Case Study

Hidden Disabilities Charity Launch

Our Client

Hidden Disabilities


Hilton Hull





The WHY 

The Hidden Disabilities Charity Ball and Launch was an event of profound importance, symbolizing hope and support for people living with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). POTS is a largely unknown and undiagnosed condition that can take up to seven years or more to identify. As a result, the time taken to diagnose can cause significant debilitation and distress for those affected. So, coming into this event we understood the immense importance on shedding light on this hidden disability, to raise both money and awareness, with the ultimate goal of shortening the diagnostic journey for future sufferers.

For Sparq, the "why" behind supporting this event was clear. We recognized the urgency of bringing POTS into the spotlight, ensuring that individuals dealing with this condition don't have to endure years of uncertainty before receiving a diagnosis.

We were deeply honored to be the main sponsor for the Hidden Disabilities Charity Ball and Launch, wholeheartedly endorsing the cause. As a full-service events company, our role was to provide the very best of technical production, content, and branding for the event, aligning our resources and expertise with the other amazing sponsors to create the best event possible for the Hidden Disabilities Charity.


Our Challenge


At Sparq, we were committed to making the Hidden Disabilities Charity Ball and Launch a resounding success. We understood the importance of listening to the vision behind the event and collaborated closely with the organisers to translate their goals into reality.

Our sponsorship entailed delivering top-tier technical production with broadcast-quality equipment to ensure an unforgettable experience for all attendees. We designed and constructed an elegant stage to host the event's speakers, creating a dynamic platform for them to share their insights and experiences.

Moreover, we put our creativity to work, designing a captivating backdrop that complemented the event's theme and purpose. We were dedicated to ensuring that every technical detail, from lighting and sound to visual elements, would create an immersive and calming atmosphere for all attendees. 



In true glamour and style the The Hidden Disabilities Charity Ball and Launch was held at the Hilton in Hull. Guests were welcomed like VIP’s with a complimentary drink upon arrival. Before the gala began, guests had the opportunity to peruse the sponsors stalls, featuring innovative products such as neon light-up walking sticks, holistic health treatments, and mental health kits, allowed attendees to explore and engage with the cause.

The main hall was transformed into a 'secret garden of Eden,' adorned with lush foliage, enchanting flowers, golden candelabras, and wall projections of trees. To ensure the comfort of all guests, a 'cozy' area was thoughtfully designed with inflatable chairs and blankets, catering to those who struggled with long periods of standing or sitting in conventional chairs.

The evening included enlightening speeches, including one from Dr. Gupta, a medical professional with extensive experience treating over 2000 POTS patients. A YouTube influencer who had also been diagnosed with POTS shared her personal struggles, inspiring and educating the audience. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous three-course meal and drinks while being serenaded by a live pianist.


The night continued with a silent auction and a raffle which provided opportunities to win exciting prizes, ranging from a 5-day safari to a spa weekend in York. The event concluded with heartwarming performances by a sign language choir and a talented vocalist. To cap off the night in true glamour, guests were invited to dance and enjoy drinks at the rooftop bar, where a DJ played some dance classics for a memorable evening.

It was a truly special occasion, we were so thankful to be a part of this event and remain committed to helping raise awareness and support the Hidden Disabilities charity in their ongoing mission to improve the lives of those affected by POTS. The Hidden Disabilities Charity Ball and Launch exemplified the power of community and compassion, joining together in the hope that the journey of individuals with POTS becomes shorter, and their voices louder, in the years to come.