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Virtual court hearings

Fully-managed and highly-secure

Fully compliant and highly-secure, our virtual courtroom platform is a solution that has sufficient functions to support, and mirror, a standard courtroom hearing. 

We provided full support for the UK's first commercial court hearing held virtually, using online video conferencing with the case being live-streamed to YouTube and we haven’t looked back since. Our fully-managed and highly-secure virtual courtroom environments are allowing commercial courts to proceed with their cases whilst social distancing measures are in place.

Virtual court hearing live streamed

Reliable and effective

To ensure a reliable and effective connection with each remote party, every attendee is invited to our Sparq testing rooms, where we check their audio, video, internet connection, and understanding of the chosen platform. We also advise on room positioning, lighting, and backgrounds to ensure a professional end product.

Virtual court hearings Zoom

Anywhere in the world

Our experienced Digital Team oversees the virtual courtroom platform, and all stakeholders in the legal process to ensure reliable participation from all parties. This is 100% managed remotely in a compliant and efficient manner and can be scaled-up, to support larger trials with increased requirements. There are no geographical barriers, firms can be based anywhere in the world and live feeds can be streamed globally.

The best of all worlds

Combining the best of live and digital to create extraordinary event experiences

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The best of all worlds