Audience engagement

Bring your event to life with audience interaction

Audience Voting

Audience voting and polling

Get to the heart of the matter with interactive voting. Our team can work with you to create polls and surveys in advance or on the fly. Provide feedback to questions asked by the speaker during live sessions via the event platform or direct from the venue – voting and polling gets your audience involved in the action.

We have stacks and stacks of voting keypads for even the largest live audience, or go fully digital with a bespoke voting app – ideal for hybrid and virtual events.

Audience Quizzes


Add some friendly competition to your event with an interactive quiz or survey where everyone can get involved. Mix it up and make it interesting, add questions about the shared topic of interest or even throw in something a bit different to keep everyone engaged.

Interactive Q&A session

Interactive Q&A

Any questions? The logistics of managing audience questions can be challenging. Inviting digital Q&As via SMS is a simple and cost-effective way of hearing everyone’s voice. Because delegates reach out using their own devices you don’t need to hire hardware. What’s more, our team can help modify content and make sure the right questions get through to the speaker.