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Virtual court hearings

Fully compliant and highly secure – we mirror a standard hearing, virtually

We have delivered in excess of 120 court cases, across 49 firms, since we provided support for the UK’s very first commercial court case in March 2020 that was held virtually using video conferencing. We have since successfully streamed and managed both live and hybrid cases for numerous legal institutions including ODEON, who brought the opportunity to facilitate remote jury centres for the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.

Using the very latest technology, we provide a fully compliant and highly secure virtual courtroom platform that has sufficient functions to support, and mirror, a standard courtroom hearing, guaranteeing a complete engaged experience. We have a dedicated specialist virtual court team that includes highly skilled and certified digital producers, technicians and developers who work alongside our clients at every stage of the hearing.

Virtual court hearing live streamed

Virtual court hearing services and support

We understand the nature and importance of the work of the judicial system and have therefore designed a robust virtual hearing process making sure that each case is fully compliant with absolute security and reliability. We have thorough testing and set-up procedures including a fully-functional back-up system that can be remotely deployed in the rare case that anything going wrong


  • Advice and consultancy
  • Technical equipment deployment
  • Dedicated testing environments
  • Full working test trial
  • Support for third parties
  • Live management and production
  • Remote support
  • Full recording and editing of proceedings
Virtual court hearings live trial

Virtual court hearing options

We understand that each court case has its own set of requirements and we build solutions that are a perfect fit. These are typically based on either a fully remote experience where there is no physical face-to-face interaction, or a hybrid experience that blends in-the-room interaction and remote. 

Our team prides themselves on their style of delivery, solving problems quickly while keeping all parties informed. Applying a unique blend of production and technical skills, we provide innovative and workable solutions that enable our clients to proceed with trials at a sustainable level.

Virtual court trial

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