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Hybrid events

The best of both worlds

When two worlds collide, you get hybrid. Hybrid combines in person, on demand and remote elements to bring a completely connected, flexible and exciting event experience, relinquishing the loss of engagement and creating a sense of togetherness. 

Broadcast live via online streaming or make record content available on demand too. This ensures wherever your delegates are located, whether that’s differing time zones, they can access the content at a time that suits them. 

Seamlessly blend presentations, polls, Q&As, live chat and even on demand content and suddenly your hybrid event becomes a two-way conversation. This allows you to run the event as usual, but with a potentially smaller audience onsite and other delegates tuning in virtually. Technologies are put in place to join the two different audience types facilitating engagement whether you’re there in person or joining remotely.  

These hybrid meetings can be easily published into a ‘meeting-in-a-box’ which gives users the ability to virtually attend the event and take part in all interactive elements at a time that suits them, even generating client branded certificates for taking part. 

Hybrid event live recording

The future is hybrid

Over 80% of event professionals are looking for a hybrid experience - which isn’t surprising when you’re combining the best of live and online event elements, for both in-the-room and remote audiences.

Hybrid events have been around for years and they have just exploded. We create extraordinary experiences no matter how your audience chooses to attend. With everything from an online portal to a fully immersive virtual environment, we will help you explore how the event is best delivered and using which platforms.

How do hybrid events work?


In any space, we can create an extraordinary live event for both your online audience and in-person guests. From the corner of your office to the plushest of suites, we can make any area dressed for the occasion. Covering it all from audio, visual, set and stage to print – it's time to think lights, camera, action.

When broadcasting out to an online audience, video production is all-important. Our team are experts in capturing the atmosphere from the room and bringing it to your online audience no matter where they are tuning in from. We’ll help you create the perfect set-up with the latest video kit; and with multiple cameras, we’ll make sure your audience doesn’t miss a thing.

Live event with hybrid


Add our live event streaming platform, emcee and create a completely engaging experience for your remote audience. Presentations, polls, Q&As, live chat and even on demand content suddenly become a two-way conversation. Across all devices from mobile to desktop, allow your remote audience to interact as if they were in the room from wherever they choose.

Hybrid event live streaming


Amplify the experience online and take it up a notch with our virtual event platform, emcee. Map your event space into the virtual world as an exact replica for your online audience to explore or create something completely unexpected. Just because your online audience are not there in person doesn’t mean they should miss out on any of the action. Networking, gamification, breakout sessions – we have it all covered.

Hybrid event virtual platform

Create the extraordinary

Our digital and live production team will work with you to help understand what content works best live and online. They will help you to explore the options available to build a seamless hybrid event perfectly blended across the physical and online worlds.

It's time to get creative and explore exciting new ways to deliver messages that speak directly to your guests – and with over a decade's experience of blending live and online, this is exactly where we can help.

Hybrid events

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