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Hybrid events

The best of all worlds

Following our recent poll, over 80% of event professionals are looking for a hybrid experience - which isn’t surprising when you’re combining the best of online and live event elements for both in-the-room and remote audiences.

Hybrid events have been around for years, and with most audiences switching to online events, they have just exploded. We can help create extraordinary experiences, even if most of the crowd are tuning in from home. It’s time to get really creative and explore new, exciting ways to deliver messages that speak directly to your audience – with everything from an online portal to a fully immersive virtual environment, we will help you explore how the event is best delivered and using which platforms.

Hybrid events

Ensure maximum engagement

Our digital and live production team work alongside our clients to help them understand what content works, and when, with their live and online delegates to ensure maximum engagement. We can run polls and collect data through gamification in both the live and online environment as well as Q&A’s in the moment. We can broadcast live elements from our Sparq Hybrid Studios, onsite, or from your preferred venue, and all delivered safely within government guidelines for a sleek look and feel.

Hybrid event live recording

It's time to get creative

It's time to get creative and explore exciting ways to deliver messages that speak directly to your guests – and with over a decade's experience of blending live and online, this is exactly where we can help.

Hybrid event live streaming

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2021. It's happening at Sparq