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The Apprentice Virtual Press Launch


The Apprentice returned for its 16th series in January and to ensure it started with a bang, talent from the series got together virtually to launch the show to the media. To help introduce this highly anticipated helping of the series, Lord Sugar, Karren Brady and Tim Campbell joined a virtual press launch from their respective locations across the world, with the help of Sparq who teamed up with the BBC, Naked (part of Fremantle) and Taylor Herring to make it happen.


With the show launching in the early part of January, the press launch was scheduled over the Christmas period which meant key members of the team were spread across various locations. With Lord Sugar joining from Florida, Karren Brady from the Maldives and Tim Campbell in the UK, the panel were working on completely differently time zones.


Working closely with the BBC, Naked and Taylor Herring, Sparq was called in to deliver a remote virtual solution which would replicate an in-person press launch. Using its in-house virtual platform, Sparq created a function allowing the press to submit questions ahead of the launch, as well as a Zoom call to facilitate the conference. In addition, digital screen backdrops were created for each participant on the panel, which ensured the set-up looked slick and in line with The Apprentice branding and theming.

To replicate an in-person press conference, members of the press were invited to submit questions ahead of the session, and once it was their turn they went ‘live’ to ask their question directly to the panel. Typically held in-person, a virtual rehearsal and briefing session was organised beforehand to ensure everything ran smoothly and put the team at ease.


“Despite our best intentions to host an in person launch for the highly anticipated new series of The Apprentice, Omicron had other ideas. So with a new work from home directive in place, we had to move fast to find a virtual solution. Having worked with Sparq earlier in 2021, I was confident they would be able to deliver a fast fix and I knew the team would remain calm under pressure. This meant that with The Apprentice launch looming, there really was only one thing to say, Sparq…You’re Hired!”