Our work

Sparq facilitate hybrid trials at The Rolls Building

A combination of both active and passive participants

Sparq provided support for a £1.6 billion case held at The Rolls Building, Royal Court of Justice, between a high-profile businesswoman highly connected with middle-eastern investors, and Barclays bank. The hybrid trial, which was held in June, lasted multiple weeks and was overseen by Mr Justice Waksman who is based at the high court in London.

Sparq were asked to facilitate a combination of both active and passive participants for the trial, along with the option for witnesses to give evidence, both in person and remotely. Each participant within the courtroom was issued a dedicated camera and microphone to capture both video and audio. The entire case was then streamed online to the remote viewers as well as additional courtrooms within the Rolls Building for visiting interested parties and the media.

What made this case unique was Sparq’s flexible hybrid approach which allowed for remote participants. This meant witnesses could be clearly heard and seen within the courtroom, regardless of whether they were on the Witness Stand or attending remotely.

Sparq’s virtual court hearing services have been welcomed by numerous legal firms due to our ability to solve problems swiftly, alongside both our production and technical expertise. Many clients have been used to dealing with in-house IT service levels, which often take time to resolve rather than immediate solutions and live fixes. The proceedings were an overwhelming success.