Welcome to Sparq

We are all here to create the extraordinary – welcome to the team!

Who we are

As part of Saville Group, we’re at the forefront of our industry and the top of our game. We are pioneers in event technology, relentlessly pursuing the extraordinary. We can be bold, because we always deliver. And it’s our people who make the brand what it is. United by passion and defined by expertise, each of us plays a vital part in the Sparq story.

What's in a name

Sparq is the moment of ignition. It’s the flash of genius. It’s the catalyst that creates something that didn’t exist before. But it’s also creative and unique. The guiding parental support of Saville Group allows us the freedom to express our creativity in everything we do, and that’s reflected in our name.

Our essence

Extraordinary. Delivered.

The essence of Sparq is something very special. It’s everything our clients love about us, and what sets us apart from our competitors. Think of it as our DNA.

Our vision

To make the most of every opportunity, and to always create something that blows our clients away. To deliver the goods, no matter what, and to continue to earn the trust our clients vest in us. To become partners, not suppliers. To become ambassadors of the extraordinary.

Our mission

Our mission is to push the boundaries of event technology and apply our unique brand of creativity to reinvent the world of live events.

Values and personality

Our positioning statement

We don’t believe in settling for the bare minimum, or ‘just good enough’. Large or small, a Sparq event is something extraordinary, designed and delivered seamlessly by the best in the business. We don’t just do events; we create experiences, which is why we count some of the world’s best-known brands among our clients.

Our elevator pitch

There are plenty of event companies out there, but we’re something different. Our special blend of technical expertise and dynamic creativity constantly pushes us to forge new frontiers in our industry, and brands both large and small trust us to deliver when it matters most.

Event technology is moving faster than ever, and we harness the very latest advances to reinvent the environment on a large scale. We ensure our events, whether live or online or a mixture of both, are delivered seamlessly and stress-free. 

Our brand voice

Whether communicating internally or externally, letter, email or chatting openly to clients, it's important that you use the language that best represents our brand and what it stands for. Critically, you should be positive, dynamic and succinct, striking the right level at the right volume of familiarity.

  • Create consistent language and tone across the entire business
  • Engage existing clients and new prospects – stimulating their interest and creating a favourable impression
  • Secure a distinct position in the marketplace
  • Communicate our strengths on our terms

A final word

There you have it. A whistle stop tour of the Sparq brand. Remember, we haven’t set hard and fast rules – this is designed to provide a steer towards consistency for all of us. The marketing team are always on hand to advise on client communication and this includes anything from a simple email response through to more complex project proposals. They are also happy to organise a time to take you through the training and resource available to support you with all of this within the business.