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Video conferencing

Video conferencing is an efficient and ever-growing tool to connect global attendees. It’s not only cost-effective but ensures individuals don’t relinquish that face to face interaction they’d experience in a real-life meeting, creating a consistent experience for attendees can sometimes be a challenge internally, but we can help…


Developed and deployed by our sister company Visavvi, Convene enables colleagues, stakeholders or clients to come together from different locations in a virtual meeting space, utilising the platforms high quality audio and video. No specialist hardware, software or knowledge is required, and participants can join using everyday devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.

What’s more, the platform is extremely simple to use and allows participants to share documents easily and efficiently. This is a great solution to connect traditional VC infrastructure with remote users. Meetings can be broadcast out to YouTube for attendees who just want to watch or ready for on-demand viewing.

Business support platforms

The likes of Skype, Zoom or Office 365 are useful and popular video conferencing platforms which offer a range of benefits from full control and enabling attendees to virtually raise their hands, through to file and document sharing.

We can advise on how to optimise these popular services to ingest high quality video and audio into any platform, putting the days of dark webcam images and crackly sound firmly behind us.