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Our guide to live streaming your event

Our secure and intuitive live-streaming technology enables global event reach, helping you to communicate your message to audiences from 10 to 10,000+. Onsite multi-camera productions are distributed via our content delivery network, enabling your delegates to tune-in on any device, in any location, live or on-demand.

Remote streaming

Our team are set-up to deploy complete remote live streaming from any location.  Wherever you’re based, our team can help you communicate with your audience, simply logging on to your device (whether that’s a laptop, tablet or phone) remotely and creating a secure platform for you to address colleagues, delegates or stakeholders. We are utilising a combination of platforms to meet a wide variety of webinar, webcast and meeting solutions for our clients, with AGMs, Court Cases and Corporate Updates being delivered and keeping important communication happening.

Virtual meetings

If getting everyone together in one location is a challenge, virtual meetings allow attendees and presenters to experience the event from any location using their own devices in a virtual managed environment. We can build a meeting environment that works for you, with multiple rooms and breakout sessions which presenters can rotate – ideal for when presenting to large audiences and two-way interaction is critical. 

Our remote video teams will produce and direct the fully-online event, switching between presenters, enabling Q&A sessions with two-way audio and uploading presentation content from the global presenter base. We offer a wide range of support packages, even getting webcams, microphones and lighting shipped to presenters, it’s all about looking your best!

Hybrid meetings

This allows you to run the event as usual, but with a potentially smaller audience onsite and other delegates tuning in virtually. Technologies are put in place to join the two different audience types facilitating engagement whether you’re there in person or joining remotely.

These hybrid meetings can be easily published into a ‘meeting-in-a-box’ which gives users the ability to virtually attend the event and take part in all interactivity at a time that suits them, even generating client branded certificates for taking part.

Hub & spoke webcasts

Ideal if you have colleagues in multiple business locations, get groups together in their workplace to watch a broadcast from the main event. This offers all the benefits of webcast and VC, with the added extra of interaction from all sites. You can be creative with event design and have different presenters in each location and set challenges to colleagues watching from other sites.

We can provide all the tech needed to make this happen at your workplace or integrate with existing meeting room technology. Utilising this style of broadcast is great value as you are only streaming to a small number of sites rather than hundreds of individuals.


This is an online video experience available for individuals to view at any time. It could be an archived version of a live stream, or one that has been developed specifically for this purpose. All interactive features are still available, with Q&A going straight to the presenter or facilitator which can be directly followed up.

A very effective way to update the wider business, we support a wide range of clients with their town hall style meetings that last around 90 minutes.