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Event video production

Capturing the energy of a live event through video production is a well-known practice for live events. For organisations that need to reach team members in multiple locations, in different time zones or conflicting shift patterns, pre-recorded video ticks all the boxes. Our team can produce powerful video content that will deliver your message to your target audience.

Stakeholder presentations

We know talking on camera doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so pre-recorded interviews or presentations are the obvious choice for those wishing to communicate a specific message but not on a public platform, such as an event. They can also be filmed from a destination or location of choice, whether that’s a workplace, hub site or at home.

Training videos

Onboarding staff in multiple locations can be tricky, but a slick video can help communicate your business message wherever they’re located. The same applies for training materials, whether this is for employees or suppliers. We can combine traditional slide content with engaging visual and presenter overlays in our Sparq capture studios, immersing the presenter right into the content and delivering key messages without distraction.

Our house blend of interaction is combined with user tracking to deliver insightful results and detailed analytics.

To find out more about video production for your events, contact our Digital team...