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Communication continued…

As an industry which thrives on face-to-face interaction, whether that’s a large scale gathering or even a small business meeting, it’s safe to say the isolation measures are certainly unique. However, in this time of uncertainty, what’s become obvious is how those across the industry as well as the wider public, have rapidly adapted to alternative methods of communication.

People are craving live connectivity, with previously relatively unknown apps and platforms gaining extraordinary traction. Take Houseparty, dubbed ‘the social video app for the social distancing age’, which has received millions of new downloads worldwide, taking it to be one of the most popular free apps. Or Zoom, where millions of people across the UK are logging on for free workouts or educational sessions; activities they may have never considered before.

We’ve seen an enormous increase in enquiries about our digital live streaming service. There’s always been an ongoing argument that nothing beats face to face communication, but our live streaming and wider digital offering has been the go-to for companies and organisations with bases around the world. Our digital team have been delivering online video since before it was a part of everyday life. Broadcasting hundreds of live events through the Mediasite platform since 2008, in 38 countries worldwide.

We’re currently not streaming live events, but we’re working with organisations to deploy a complete live stream remotely, ensuring they can continue to communicate. This means our team are accessing devices offsite, whether that’s laptops, tablets or phones, to provide a secure platform that enables businesses to reach colleagues, delegates or stakeholders. We’re utilising a combination of platforms to meet a wide variety of webinar, webcast and meeting solutions for our clients, with AGMs, court cases and corporate updates still being delivered and keeping important communication happening.

The importance of keeping the conversation flowing has also seen us work more with our sister brand, Visavvi, a video conference and collaboration specialist. With our entire workforce now working from home, it’s never been so important to keep in contact, so we’ve tapped into Visavvi’s Convene platform, a hosted video service.

While Covid-19 has impeded the ability to interact and communicate as we did before, the silver lining may be that it’s encouraged more people to reach out to collaborate virtually. Ironically, the pandemic has encouraged more face to face interaction than before. We’re continuing communication, albeit slightly differently than before.

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