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Over a decade of experience

Our digital team has been delivering online video since before it was a part of everyday life, we have broadcast hundreds of live events on the Mediasite platform since 2008, in over 80 countries worldwide. Our secure webcast player authentication can link directly to your company logins via SSO or ADFS, meaning no tricky passwords or problematic links to email.

Event streaming

Build an environment that works for you

We know getting everyone together in one location is a challenge – now more than ever. We’re here to build environments that work for you. Think multiple rooms and breakout sessions which presenters can rotate – ideal for when presenting to large audiences and two-way interaction is critical. 

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Fully produced and directed throughout

Our remote video teams can produce and direct the fully-online event, switching between presenters, enabling Q&A sessions with two-way audio and uploading presentation content from the global presenter base. We even offer a wide range of support packages - getting webcams, microphones and lighting shipped to presenters, it’s all about looking your best and feeling well equipped!

Our dedicated team remove the stress to deliver highly produced, engaging and secure streaming experiences, time after time. We’ve been doing this before it was part of everyday life, trusted by brands over the world to deliver the extraordinary.

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