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Suzuki Swift Sport Launch


The event was organised for 150 car dealers from across the country to unveil the new Suzuki Swift Sport, the brand’s ‘new hot hatch’. Held at the iconic Silverstone Circuit across two days, the event needed to be fun and engaging as well as truly immersive, to help create a real sense of drama and anticipation around the latest addition to the Suzuki range.


We worked closely with NOAH and oversaw full technical production for both the conference session and test drive area, which took place in Silverstone’s Stowe Complex. In the main room, we installed three screens in a u-shape formation complete with projection blend to create a truly immersive experience. Sound enhancement, including D&B Q7s and Q subs were fixed in close to proximity to the audience to further enhance this.

Noah created some fantastic graphics and content, so we worked to ensure all the lighting and sound complemented these. A fantastic light sequence led to the big reveal of the new model, with the delegates then moving in to the next room for the all-important test drive. The drama didn’t stop there, a haze machine, LED batons and Robe Robin LED beams, plus dramatic music in the nine-pit garage, helped gear the delegates up for the driving experience.


Cormach Moore, Founding Partner of NOAH, explained: “The launch of a new car needs to be an exciting, immersive experience, and this event ticked all the boxes. We created graphics and content which were big, bold and disruptive and this, together with the audio-visual elements, ensured an experience which really created a sense of anticipation and interest around the new model.

"Working with Sparq for many years, we knew we were in safe hands when it came to the technical elements of the event, and were particularly pleased with the dynamic lighting and sound sequence, which the team designed to accompany our content. We were delighted with the look and feel of the event, and actually saw a visible reaction from the audience when the car was unveiled.”