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Virtual event for Publicis Sapient PS 30 showcase


The Publicis Sapient PS 30 showcase took place across 84 hours in our very own award-winning virtual event platform. The pioneers of digital business transformation looked to celebrate their people by putting on this virtual celebration.

The virtual event allowed thousands of delegates from across the globe to log on in their local time zone to explore and discover the content rather than sticking to a usual linear programme, meaning that nobody missed out on any features. With more than 53 offices in over 17 countries, this was a really important factor.

Fusion virtual plenary stage

Bespoke environment

The bright and upbeat environment was made bespoke to Publicis Sapient and mirrored the crisp and modern style of their offices, we even put in the fish tank that’s in the NYC office! To give attendees a real sense of the global nature of the virtual event, we also created windows overlooking cityscapes from their offices around the world – cool right?

Bespoke virtual environment


In the exhibition zone Publicis Sapient decided to use this space to showcase their amazing case studies from brands they’ve worked with. Instead of using normal exhibition style stands the Publicis Sapient chose to use objects or imagery that best represented that individual case study. This worked incredibly well and saw users engage from the get-go by inviting them to click or use proximity triggers to open the content. The content ranged from podcast style audio sessions to stunning videos and presentations.

Virtual exhibition stands

Superbowl moment

Throughout the virtual event, there were a handful of Superbowl moments that saw all users in the platform stop at the same time and watch the live panel discussion. The panelists shared stories about their experience of working with Publicis Sapient and the impact that partnership delivers.

Recognition wall

Another key feature was the recognition wall which allowed delegates to enter messages and upload them in real-time into the environment. These would then be displayed in the virtual venue along with a family style photo wall that featured team pictures and quotes.

Proximity triggers

Making the impossible, possible

"At very short notice, we recently commissioned Sparq to produce a virtual event platform for our global 30th birthday celebration. Their team did a fantastic job of bringing our vision to life while making the impossible, possible. The virtual experience they created brought together our 20,000 people from across the world for three days. The aim was to bring to life the work we do, celebrate our people in a unique way and provide a moment of calm."

"A seamless UX was created using gamification technology, virtual 3D models, videos, proximity-triggered and on-demand content. The experience also included a live-streamed panel discussion with guests from three time zones. Our people journeyed through the space at their leisure, exploring every corner and enjoying a few virtual surprises along the way. The nature of our business means our people are digital experts, so a risky project to take on when using an external vendor. And Sparq and the team did not disappoint. We were impressed by the capabilities of the platform and no doubt there is more potential to unlock." Lauren Goodge, Publicis Sapient

Limitless reality

"The Fusion virtual events platform offers an experience exceeding other platforms, it does not replicate a physical event it elevates it. Attendees navigate freely, have spontaneous networking opportunities, and discover content in a way that isn’t possible in the physical world. Our platform is the future of events, blending the best elements of virtual, hybrid and physical worlds into something completely extraordinary. We are not only providing a new and engaging experience for the delegates; for organisers, sponsors and exhibitors, the ROI is clearly shown in the event metrics. Fusion virtual events are an incredible success at every level." Alex, Client Manager

Publicis Sapient PS 30 showcase

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