Saville Group

Our parent company

Saville Group provides a solid corporate foundation for it's operating brands Sparq and Visavvi. The group is actively redefining the audio visual industry in response to our changing world, plotting a progressive path towards continued industry innovation.

Saville Group history

The Saville Group heritage dates to 1876 and has propelled the industry through 50 years of innovation. Established as a national operation from its head office in York, Saville Group now operates globally through its brands, harnessing the best of technology to help businesses communicate, collaborate and prosper.

Saville Group values

The success of its operating brands depends on the consultative approach of its experts. This is a group-wide trait that is central to client relationships. Saville Group employees' understanding of business communications technology allows the generation of client success. Taking the time to understand each other’s situations and motivations promotes a ‘one team’ ethos. Collectively, sharing a passion to exceed.